LiquidFrameworks Announces Another Year of Record Revenue and Record Customer Retention

by | Jan 27, 2016

LiquidFrameworks, the leading mobile field operations management solutions company specializing in Oilfield/Industrial/Environmental Services announces they have produced record revenues in 2015.

Houston, TX (PRWeb), January 27, 2016 – LiquidFrameworks announced today that it produced record revenue Year Over Year (YOY) in 2015 as well achieving record customer retention rates.

LiquidFrameworks’ Vice President of Worldwide Sales, David Levitt, attributes the revenue growth to oilfield, industrial and environmental service companies’ focus on enhanced efficiency during the current challenging economic climate of the industry. “Now more than ever, service companies are focused on capturing every billable dollar possible and collecting it more quickly. Our industry-specific solution, FieldFX, reduces revenue leakage due to mispriced or lost tickets, while accelerating revenue capture and reducing DSO.”

LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution is a cloud-based mobile field operations software suite designed to manage contracts, quotes, equipment, jobs and field tickets along with customer-specific electronic forms such as safety incidents, inspections and other operational data reports.  FieldFX was designed specifically for field personnel, in order to increase usability and, therefore, increase and accelerate the value of the implementations.

LiquidFrameworks also introduced two new modules in 2015: FX EAM Enterprise Asset Management and FX CPQ Configure Price Quote. “The additions to the FieldFX software suite in 2015 have allowed us to increase the benefits FieldFX customers are experiencing,” said Travis Parigi, COO and Founder of LiquidFrameworks. “FX EAM and FX CPQ further enhance our customers’ ability to streamline “quote to cash” processes and gain efficiency, while working both online and offline.”

“These sales numbers represent the importance of the FieldFX solution to the markets we serve and how well the marketplace has embraced it as a way to generate maximum revenue amid oil price turbulence,” said Trent Derr, President and CEO of LiquidFrameworks. “I am excited about the continued success of our customers, as well as the momentum this provides, as we head into 2016.”

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LiquidFrameworks is a leading provider of cloud-based, mobile field operations management solutions serving the energy, industrial and environmental services industries. LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX® solution provides companies with numerous benefits, including increased and accelerated revenue capture, increased cash flow, improved contract compliance, increased invoice accuracy and improved customer responsiveness. LiquidFrameworks is based in Houston, Texas. To join the conversation, follow @LquidFrameworks on Twitter.

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