LiquidFrameworks unveils new FX DataGuide module – BIC Magazine

by | May 28, 2021

A recent article in BIC Magazine talked about the launch of FX DataGuide, the newest offering to the FieldFX product suite. The FX DataGuide module provides guided, complex field form completion allowing for efficient data capture online or offline from the Internet. 

Service companies have more operational forms throughout the workflow now more than ever to collect valuable data. Doing this with paper can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. FX DataGuide allows companies to gather operational data in an easy-to-use way, delivering the proper forms in the right situations. Paper forms make it very difficult for companies to have analytical information. With FX DataGuide, captured data is reportable and actionable, providing businesses with in-depth operational insight.

To see the announcement about FX DataGuide in BIC Magazine, click here to read the article. We recently had a webinar on FX DataGuide. Click here to watch FX DataGuide in action.