FX Trucking

a one stop shop

The FX Trucking module is a fit-for-purpose, segment-specific app that provides a seamless experience for the dispatcher. Access to all of the information required is provided from one screen and dispatchers no longer need to leave the scheduling screen to create tickets. Now, tickets are auto-generated, with pre-configured charges, based on the hauling commodity selected.

Segment-Specific application

Complete Route view


proof of delivery

Auto-Generated Tickets

Everything at the dispatcher’s fingertips



When creating a route, from the home screen, the dispatcher has access to:

  • Customer Selection
  • Date of Requested Service
  • Origin and Destination
  • Billing Information- Job and Ticket Types
  • Access to Existing Jobs and the Ability to Create New Jobs

Ease of Route Creation

Routes are created with the convenient drag-and-drop functionality making it easy to schedule the route to a driver. The dispatcher is able to plan all of the routes for the day, prior to dispatch. Once the correct schedule for the day is created, the routes can then be dispatched to the drivers, sending a notification to their mobile apps.



Easily access other data in FieldFX

See notes, past activity, and requirements for individuals, fleets and jobs from the field. Now, tickets are auto-generated, with pre-configured charges, based on the hauling commodity selected from one screen. With FX Trucking you no longer need to log into multiple systems.

Capture Data Through Out Process

Easily capture proof of delivery and the locations of your drivers and assets directly on your tablet or PC screen with FX Trucking. Geofencing allows you to know at the exact time your employees have reached or left the client site.



With the FieldFX alert engine, you can set up automatic email and text message notifications throughout the workflow process. All alerts are completely customizable, so you can decide when, why, and to whom they are sent.


Additional Features

  • Create parent regions with multiple locations within the region
  • Trucks can be defaulted to a driver
  • View all routes by customers, destination, origin and drivers
  • Route reporting from the main dispatching screen
  • Geofencing feature provides proof of delivery
  • Ability to assign multiple drivers to a route, the first to accept is dispatched

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