FieldFX Schedule & Dispatch Software

The Ultimate Whiteboard

The FX Schedule & Dispatch module will streamline your job management process by allowing you to update, store, and manage all of your pertinent job, personnel, and equipment information in one convenient place.

Use FieldFX to Schedule and Dispatch Personnel and Equipment

  • Calendar
  • Map
  • Timelines
  • Swim Lanes

Efficient Job Management

  • Quickly and easily pull up personnel schedules, available roles, and qualifications.
  • Customize your dashboard view with dynamic drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Create multiple views for each user.
  • Move and re-size tables to create custom views.
  • Sort personnel by role and then select the individual based on their schedule and qualifications.
  • Schedule equipment by availability and maintenance certifications.


FX Schedule & Dispatch keeps you informed of all job-related data and gives you the ability to track all of your resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials, so you’ll never dispatch duplicate jobs or unavailable equipment ever again. In addition, the module also allows you to keep track of your employees’ qualifications so you know who meets the particular job requirements when scheduling and dispatching personnel.

You’ll have the same insight into your equipment records so you can manage and track everything you need to know about your serialized equipment, including movements, job history, inspection and maintenance records, and movements.


The FieldFX alert engine enables users to set up automatic email and text message notifications to be sent directly to the individual or entire crew letting them know when and where they are needed. Field personnel are instantly notified on their phone with information related to where the job is and when they need to show up. Alerts, including when, why, and to whom they are sent, are all customizable.

Shift Scheduling Enhancement

Ensuring compliance and safety across the life of the job is of paramount importance. When scheduling a job with multiple rotations and shifts, this can become complicated. With the FX Schedule & Dispatch shift scheduling enhancement, users are able to track the current availability of field technicians as well as their qualifications based on customer requirements, the tools being used and the services being provided, across shifts and rotations.

This new user interface provides schedulers the ability to schedule people according to their on/ off schedule rotations whether they are simple (7 on/ 7 off) or more complex (5 on/  2 off/ 14 on/ 7 off). In addition, this enhancement takes into account the shifts worked: day, shoulder, night, etc.

The FX Schedule & Dispatch shift scheduling enhancement ensures that all needed qualifications have been met in order for the job to start and complete- ensuring safety compliance throughout the job.

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