FX Invoicing

Close the Loop On Your Customer Accounts


The FX Invoicing module completes the quote-to-cash process, ensuring a four-way match between the price book, quote, ticket, and invoice. While FX Invoicing does not replace an ERP system, it will make integration with an ERP less complicated while supporting the intricacies of each customer’s invoicing requirements and ensuring contract compliance- specifically to rental jobs and equipment. FX Invoicing provides the ability to track payments and issue credit memos in addition to tracking the customer’s available credit- giving you a 360-degree view of a customer’s account balance.

Give Your Customers What They Want


As a service provider in the energy industry, companies have to do work concurrently for many different operators. Each operator has a specific way they want their invoices to look. FX Invoicing allows for invoice creation in the format customers want to see, with the data they want included. In addition, the streamlined workflow and real-time data reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by eliminating errors and gaining efficiencies.


  • Create invoices from tickets and items
  • Create standalone invoices, enriched by the price book
  • Search field tickets by status to generate invoices
  • Create custom reports based on invoicing data
  • Issue Credit Memos and track payments
  • Create specific invoice formats for each customer


  • Preserves contract compliance
  • Reduction in billing errors
  • Less customer pushback and faster payment
  • Access to customers’ credit availability in the field
  • Streamline invoicing based on the customers’ business logic and timeline


FX Invoicing can be integrated with your current ERP/ accounting system to ensure financial compliance and accurate revenue recognition. The FX Invoicing module can also be integrated with several third- party sales tax calculation tools to ensure the proper sales tax is included on the invoice based on the location of the job.


Strategic Reporting

With the invoicing data located within FieldFX, FX Invoicing provides the capability to generate custom reports on data from the contract, quote, ticket, as well as the invoice. That data can be rendered in many ways to create strategic reports for you and your customers.

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