FieldFX Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Optimized Assets- Optimal Uptime.


The FX EAM (enterprise asset management) module enhances physical asset management by providing process and intelligence that allows for increased equipment reliability, systematic preventative and predictive maintenance and efficient inventory management.

FX EAM provides real-time visibility to data such as utilization, location and certification/ inspection status of equipment. Each asset can have multiple preventative maintenance schedules assigned to it which automatically generate work orders from highly configurable templates. FX EAM work orders track the labor, tasks and supplies used to perform the respective maintenance as well as other information such as documents, certifications and photos.

Module Features

  • Track equipment location and usage
  • Automatically generate work orders
    • Preventative
    • Corrective
    • Inspection
    • Certification
  • Model preventative maintenance schedules that generate work orders from criteria that are:
    • Calendar Based
    • Meter Based
    • Event Triggered
  • Efficiently Manage Inventory
    • Multiple Warehouse and Bin Management
    • Automatic Ordering
    • Serialized Spare Parts Tracking


  • Operates Seamlessly with FX E-Ticketing
  • Minimize Equipment Downtime
  • Increase Equipment Reliability
  • Maximize Equipment Utilization
  • Increase Safety
  • Lower Equipment Maintenance Costs
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Ability to Measure Equipment Performance
  • Eliminate Spare Parts Leakage

Strategic Reporting


FX EAM provides strategic reporting capabilities, including information such as which pieces of equipment are failing and why. By being able to identify equipment capabilities and reliability, users can avoid costly downtime and provide better service to their customers. In addition, users can track balance sheets and cost that are part of the maintenance process.

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