FX Customer Self-Service

Get Closer to Your Customers

Empower your customers through access to their job and ticket data with the FieldFX Customer Self-Service Module. Your customers will have the ability to review and approve tickets, add comments, monitor job progress, analyze purchase order status, view safety records, and more.
You decide what the customer can see thanks to configurable security management. Give different roles access to different facilities, subsidiaries, and so forth.

  • Notify customers of orders pending approval.
  • Having trouble tracking down the customer’s representative at well sites? Give them access to the FX Customer Self-Service module to sign and approve the ticket.
  • Customize the home page with your customer’s logo and configure it to see what you want them to see.
  • Customers can view documents attached to the ticket, labor, reports, change orders, and approval history.
  • Save Help text on each page to direct customers and leave reminders.
  • Create reports and export for further review.
  • Post high-level shared documents between you and your customer such as contracts, etc.
The FX Customer Self-Service module keeps your private company information secure, while improving customer satisfaction and strengthening your partnerships.

Customers are kept up to date and fewer interruptions mean everyone is more productive.

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