Automating Quote-to-Cash in the Oilfield with FieldFX: Lunch Event

Join us on Thursday, September 19th to hear from LiquidFrameworks’ Founder and CEO, Travis Parigi, and Mike Bishop, Director- Digital Transformation at Trican Well Service.

Learn how Trican moved their field operations management to a cloud-based, digital solution resulting in streamlined processes from operations and field personnel to accounting.

Learn about:

  • Why there was a need for a mobile field operations solution.
  • Why they selected FieldFX.
  • How Trican overcame the change-management hurdle to implement the solution in the field.
  • The results they’re currently experiencing after implementing FieldFX


  • September 19, 2019
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


110 9th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2G 5A6