Case Studies

Read about the benefits of field service management software and how FieldFX has helped companies optimize their mobile field operations.

Gr Energy Services Eliminates Paper Tyranny and Streamlines Processes with FieldFX

GR Energy Services wanted to eliminate paper from their processes and improve their efficiency. With FieldFX, the improvements have stacked up: zero pricing mistakes, lower DSO, faster invoice processing and turnaround, and streamlined billing services.


How FieldFX Liberated CEDA from Overpriced and Inefficient Legacy Software

CEDA has been providing industrial and environmental services to a range of industries since 1973. They were trapped using legacy field management software that was overpriced and inefficient. In 2018, they undertook a company-wide implementation of FieldFX. The outcome? With FieldFX, CEDA was able to eliminate revenue leakage, accelerate cash collection, reduce their DSO and automate their quote-to-cash process.


Streamlining Nine Energy Service's Quote-to-Cash Process with FieldFX and Boomi

Nine Energy Service is a Houston-based oilfield services company that provides services in North America and overseas. Nine Energy realized that their system of paper tickets and Excel spreadsheets was in dire need of modernizing. Implementing FieldFX as a solution, and integrating the platform with Boomi and NetSuite, streamlined their operations, and helped them stay competitive in a challenging industry.


Trican Upgrades Ticketing System and Instantly Realizes ROI with FieldFX

Trican Well Service Ltd. is an oilfield services company that operates in Calgary, Canada. In 2005, they created a proprietary ticketing system. However, as new processes and technologies arose in the oil and gas sector, their internal system became cumbersome and obsolete. In early 2019, they onboarded FieldFX, and ushered in a new era of productivity and efficiency.


Tech-Flo: Optimizing Ticketing and Rental Fleet Management with FieldFX

Tech-Flo, the leading provider of flexible hydraulic lift systems and filtration equipment, was struggling with tickets. Large volumes of missing or illegible tickets were leading to inaccurate pricing and high DSOs. FieldFX, along with its Enterprise Asset Module, has managed to turn things around for the company, getting the “flo’ back at Tech-Flo.


Thru Tubing Solutions Recaptures 99% of Lost Revenue with FieldFX Integration

Thru Tubing Solutions is a global provider of specialized downhole and thru tubing services and equipment. The company wanted a more efficient ticketing system that would outperform their existing approach of “Excel spreadsheet on steroids.” With FieldFX’s smooth integration process and minimal system and infrastructure requirements, Thru Tubing Solutions managed to revolutionize their quote-to-cash process, and recapture almost 100% of the previous year’s lost revenue.


Nuverra Sees 90% of Tickets Auto-Approved and DSO Reduced with FieldFX and Data Gumbo Integration

Nuverra is a leading provider of water logistics and oilfield services to clients specializing in the production of oil or natural gas from shale formations across the United States. One of Nuverra’s biggest challenges was the stacks of job tickets they were wrestling with. This ticket buildup, across multiple customers, was leading to serious inefficiencies. But recruiting FieldFX, in conjunction with Data Gumbo’s blockchain network, means that 90% of Nuverra’s tickets are now auto-approved.


Pioneer Energy Services: Maximizing Revenue with FieldFX

Pioneer Energy Services is a major provider of land contract drilling and production services. In 2015, they decided they were tired of managing “cabinets stacked full of paper trails.” To optimize their processes, and maximize their revenue, they turned to FieldFX. The digital transformation was a huge success.


How Capstone FSM Achieved 36% Growth with FieldFX

Capstone Fire and Safety Management was experiencing a period of rapid growth. This growth tested the efficacy of their reliance on paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and hand calculations. In 2016, Capstone implemented FieldFX. Since then, they have hugely streamlined their operations, and run 14,200 tickets through FieldFX, growing by 36%.


From Paper to Digital Efficiency: How FieldFX Transformed Liberty Lift

Liberty Lift is an artificial lift sales and service company based in Houston, Texas. In 2014, their operations and project management still relied heavily on paper. Liberty Lift contacted LiquidFrameworks and began using FieldFX in an effort to modernize and optimize their operations. Within months, they had left paper behind, and achieved digital, error-free efficiency across the whole organization.


How Shawcor Brought Ticketing Under Control and Slashed Their DSO with FieldFX

Shawcor Inspection Services was seeking a field operations solution that could secure the backbone of their operations: tickets. When they implemented FieldFX in 2015, they witnessed fantastic results. Tickets were secured, DSO was down significantly, and revenue leakage was all but eliminated. As Shawcor’s VP of Finance put it, FieldFX rapidly became “the top strength in the company”.


How FieldFX E-Ticketing Reduced EnviroVac's DSO by Over 50%

For over two decades, EnviroVac has been providing industrial cleaning and environment- al services to companies all over the US. In 2014, EnviroVac was growing tired of their high DSO, inefficient scheduling system, and mountains of paper tickets. They turned to FieldFX, and have eliminated their field operations management issues, boosting revenue in the process.



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