Why Trican Traded their Proprietary Ticketing System for FieldFX

by | Mar 12, 2021

To get the full lowdown on how FieldFX optimized Trican’s ticketing process, download our case study here. 

Trican Well Service Ltd. is an oilfield services company that provides drilling, completions, stimulation, and reworking services for oil and gas wells in Canada and the United States. They turned to LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX platform to solve lingering problems with their proprietary ticketing system. The shift to FieldFX has provided Trican with business intelligence and allowed them to step up their game. 

At the time, building a ticketing solution was the best option since there were no commercial software solutions available to oilfield service providers. In 2002, Trican started building their ticketing system. This in-house system took a couple of years to go live. They moved billions of dollars through this system for over a decade. 

However, after some time, the system was starting to become obsolete and cumbersome. It was struggling to keep up with the evolving business and industry practices. Trican knew they needed to start looking for a better solution.

For a company like Trican, a move such as swapping a proprietary system for brand-new software is a once-in-a-decade decision and they had a list of capabilities that the solution needed to meet before they could pull the trigger. Trican implemented FieldFX in 2018 after looking at many different solutions. 

Thanks to trading in their in-house system for FieldFX, Trican has been able to speed up their payroll cycles and provide next-day field bonuses for better transparency. Also, they were able to increase productivity and efficiency unlike never before. 

To get the full lowdown on how Trican leveraged FieldFX’s capabilities to great success, download our case study here.