Why Tech-Flo Chose FX EAM to Manage Their Assets

by | Apr 28, 2020

Tech-Flo is a global hydraulic lift solutions and production equipment company. Founded in Conroe, Texas in 2006, they offer a wide range of pumps including HPumps, diaphragm pumps, and multiplex pumps for all oilfield and industrial process applications.

Tech-Flo was suffering from high DSO, inaccurate pricing and lost hard copies of paper tickets. So, in 2013 Tech-Flo selected FieldFX to digitally transform their paper processes.

Tech-Flo started by rolling out FX E-Ticketing, but over the years, as they invested in their rental fleet, they realized they needed a way to track their rental assets. FieldFX’s FX EAM was their answer. Tech-Flo wanted to capitalize on the ability to manage their assets and field operations in one easy-to-use system.

With FX EAM, Tech-Flo was able to manage all of their rental assets in one location. FieldFX provided standardized reporting on those assets to provide more visibility within their business. They also were able to establish a preventative maintenance program for their rental units to make sure they were in compliance and in the best shape possible.

Get the full lowdown on why Tech-Flo chose FX EAM click here to watch the webinar they were featured in.