Why FieldFX Was a Game-Changer for Thru Tubing Solutions

by | Apr 20, 2021

Get the full story on how Thru Tubing Solutions achieved success with FieldFX, download the case study.

FieldFX helps oilfield service companies take charge of their field operations and achieve maximum profitability. By digitizing processes traditionally carried out on paper or spreadsheets, FieldFX empowers companies to stop revenue leakage, achieve standardization and efficiency.

A perfect example of how FieldFX can be a game-changer for a company is Thru Tubing Solutions (TTS). 

Established in Oklahoma City, TTS has been a leader in specialized downhole and thru-tubing services and equipment since 1997. TTS now covers 23 different districts within four different countries, all strategically placed in major shale areas. 

A Spreadsheet on Steroids = Still a Spreadsheet

Prior to implementing FieldFX, TTS was a long way from maximizing efficiency. As Maria Galloway, Product Team Manager, recalled: 

“At the time, at Thru Tubing Solutions, we did not have an application to manage our field ticketing processes and forms. We had a really high-powered Excel spreadsheet…probably one of the best I’ve ever seen! But that said, it’s still an Excel tool, right?”

No matter how powerful their Excel spreadsheets were, they were causing many bottlenecks in their quote-to-cash process. Without a digital solution, TTS experienced missed business opportunities, rogue discounting, poor data integrity, as well as validation and entry issues, all resulting in significant revenue leakage.  

TTS needed help with two things:

  1. Recapturing lost revenue
  2. Digitizing processes previously done on Excel spreadsheets


FieldFX delivered, giving TTS the ability to recapture 99% of lost revenue. To read how TTS leveraged FieldFX to such success, download the case study here.