What does offline mean to you?

by | Jun 26, 2018

Right now over 3.7 billion people are using the Internet. We are accustomed to being online all the time.  However, there can be times when we find ourselves offline- but being offline means something different depending on who you ask. For most of us, it means you lose your WIFI connection for a short period of time and return back to connectivity quickly.

It is very different for the Energy industry where offline means no cellular or WIFI connectivity for an extended period of time. As such, service providers in the Energy industry must find ways to complete tasks without cellular signals or WIFI. This is a challenge because most applications stop working until connectivity is returned- which has kept many service providers chained to manual, paper processes. However paper is not an efficient way to get the job done.

FieldFX took on the offline challenge and built an application that works without connectivity. FieldFX continues to allow the collection of quotes, jobs, tickets, or safety data with zero cellular or WIFI connectivity for extended periods of time. This may be as simple as creating a daily or stage-based ticket for a job or as complex as running FX CPQ (configure, price, quote) which ensures all billable items are entered on the ticket correctly for maximum revenue capture.

Within FieldFX Mobile, multiple customer requirements can be captured- such as a signature, stamp, geolocation or a combination of all. When the crew member returns to an area with Internet access, they simply synchronize their PC or tablet and all of the data that was captured offline is saved and sent to the back office for invoicing. FieldFX’s offline capability allows service providers in the Energy industry to capitalize on the efficiency and accuracy that digital processes provide.