WEBINAR: Nuverra Leverages FieldFX, With Data Gumbo’s Blockchain, to Remove the Invoice from the Quote-to-Cash Process

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Blog |

Join us on Wednesday April 29th to learn how FieldFX and Data Gumbo have helped Nuverra remove the invoice from the quote-to-cash process. Nuverra’s field technicians collect job data and ticket information with FieldFX in the field. Data Gumbo’s blockchain-backed network, GumboNet™, guarantees only agreed upon pricing is applied to tickets, removing doubts about timing and volume.

Removing the invoice from the quote-to-cash process has helped Nuverra get closer to their customers by providing transparent data in real time. It has also reduced DSO, administrative costs, revenue leakage and has enhanced cash flow.