ConnectFX Conversation LIVE: Barry Donaldson, GR Energy Services

by | Oct 8, 2020

ConnectFX Conversations video with Barry Donaldson, Sales & Marketing Director at GR Energy Services went live this Monday.

In the video, Barry shared how FieldFX has streamlined their processes and provided them with insight like never before. Barry went into detail on how GR Energy Services leveraged the power of FX Analytics’ dashboards to maximize equipment utilization and apply strategic decision-making to business operations. Be sure to check out the whole video to get more details.

With FieldFX, GR Energy Services was able to streamline processes and reduce their DSO and gain insightful analytics about their business. If you want to learn how GR Energy Services achieved success with FieldFX, then join us for a webinar this Friday, October 9th at 1:00 CT. Barry will be joining us LIVE to answer your questions about GR Energy Services’ FieldFX project. Submit your question for Barry Donaldson now at or ask your question live on the webinar.