Trican Realizes Instant ROI with FieldFX

by | Mar 31, 2021

To get the full lowdown on how Trican leveraged FieldFX’s capabilities to great success, download our case study here.

At LiquidFrameworks, our number one goal is to provide oilfield service companies with operations management solutions that help them operate better in the field and capture every billable dollar possible. A perfect example of this would be FieldFX’s impact at Trican Well Services Ltd.

Trican is an oilfield services company headquartered in Calgary, Canada. They provide drilling, completions, stimulation, and reworking services for oil and gas wells throughout Canada and the United States.
In 2005, Trican built their proprietary ticketing system. After using the system for almost a decade, the system was struggling to keep up. Trican could no longer meet their needs with a system that was not evolving with the times.
In their need for a solution, Trican evaluated multiple systems. Swapping a proprietary system for brand new software is a once-in-a-decade decision. However, because of the cloud capabilities of FieldFX, they decided it was the right solution. Mike Bishop, former VP of IT at Trican, said, “It’s all about data. It’s all about having information now. That’s what put us over the top. That made (FieldFX) a no-brainer.”
Trican realized their ROI very quickly. It took approximately eight months to bring FieldFX online across Trican. After the implementation Bishop expressed, “We’ve already gotten our money out of this system, even though we’ve just rolled it out.”
To learn more about the ROI Trican accomplished with FieldFX, download our case study here.