Transforming Liberty Lift: FX E-Ticketing Module to the Rescue

by | May 27, 2020

Download the full case study, and learn about how FieldFX optimized Liberty Lift’s operations, by clicking here.

Liberty Lift is an artificial lift sales and service company based in Houston, Texas. In 2014, their operations and project management still relied heavily on paper. They were wrestling with inaccurate data on invoices, lost tickets, and high DSOs.

To escape the tyranny of paper, Liberty Lift turned to FieldFX. Initially, they decided to focus first on one of FieldFX’s most fundamental features: the FX E-Ticketing Module.

Liberty Lift was careful, going one office at a time with a solid process: securing mobile devices for field operations; reconfiguring their current system; retraining their personnel to work cohesively together; and ensuring that data ownership had a defined set of rules and didn’t clash.

The immediate result of transitioning over to FieldFX? 

No more handwriting to decipher. No more tickets lost. An immediate tightening of revenue streams, and an end to the leakage.

“We’re not losing tickets anymore,” said David Snow, Liberty Lift’s IT Director. “We can start tracking everything. Our tickets look better; they’re not handwritten. It’s great.”

Get the full lowdown on how FieldFX optimized operations at Liberty Lift by downloading the case study.