To Build or to Buy?

by | Dec 3, 2018

Executives today are faced with pressure to increase productivity, streamline business processes and ensure efficient fiscal management. Enterprise-wide software solutions are playing a key role in achieving these goals. When it comes to companies in the oil and gas, industrial and environmental services industries and their search to find the right mobile field operations management solution, the question becomes: Should an organization design its own custom application (build) or purchase a pre-made application from an outside company (buy)?

Here are the top three reasons why implementing FieldFX is the right choice, over building a custom application.

1. Time
An industry-specific application, such as FieldFX, typically can be deployed in a few months verses (potentially) years to design, develop, and deploy a custom system. Countless hours are also needed to test, debug and validate a custom application. Companies such as Select Energy Service, Key Energy Service, and Expro, who have implemented FieldFX, have had benefits of the years already invested in refining the product as well as a shortened time to experiencing the return on the investment.

2. Enhancements
Packaged software is enhanced regularly as a consequence of a wide range of similar companies using it. Compare this to a custom application that enhances and tests on a less periodic basis. With a packaged application, all users benefit from the needs and requests of other users making the application robust and dynamic. LiquidFrameworks employs a large development team dedicated to updating FieldFX and ensuring its compatibility with the latest technology to meet all of our customer’s needs.

3. Unique Features
Specialized features could take years for an in-house team to perfect. For example, the online/offline synchronization feature is critical to the success of FieldFX. This feature took LiquidFrameworks several years to perfect. There are not “off the shelf” replication applications that work for the volume of data required by oilfield service companies. Our team has taken years to research and develop this functionality.

We understand that some companies consider building their own software because they believe it will be cheaper and better suited to their business processes; however, companies need to remember that the time, effort and expense of building the software and keeping it current can overwhelm the supposed benefits.