Tips for a Successful Software Roll Out

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Blog |

Introducing new software to your company can create some resistance, but here are some tips to make sure your roll out of FieldFX is a great success.

Promote the Benefits

Selling FieldFX internally to the various roles within the company can make the roll out process easier. Identifying the key benefits that the FieldFX solution would have for each role in the industrial services space is key to the path of least resistance.

Identify Early Adopters

Identify managers that are more “tech savvy” and enthusiastic about the change.  These managers became early adopters and internal advocates of the solution to their location and other locations.

Identify Which Service Centers to Implement First

Successive service centers should be chosen by size, complexity and manageability.  The roll out team can improve the effectiveness of FieldFX from lessons learned in prior service centers.  The more difficult implementations should be saved for last so that the system would be more fully configured before working with those sites.

Select a Hard Deadline

Select a hard deadline for the completion of the FieldFX roll out.  It is important to pick a deadline and stick to it, in order to ensure that the project team won’t find it easy to delay the deployment process. Once completed, stop accepting paper tickets so all service locations are required to be compliant with the new process (FieldFX).