The Power of Job-to-Equipment Harmonization

by | Feb 24, 2021

Maintenance is evolving as organizations are becoming more complex, and as a result, the need for data has increased. Long gone are the days when companies would make decisions about their assets without proper KPIs and metrics. However, just having an enterprise asset management system is not enough, solutions need to be connected and integrated.

Many companies struggle due to disparate systems. It is common for companies to have a field operations solution that is separate from their enterprise management software. However, the lack of integration between these two systems can hinder long-term success. Data being captured and managed in separate systems can create decentralized information causing many inconsistencies within the organization. Field personnel may be collecting valuable information that the maintenance team could leverage. With two different systems, departments that should be collaborating, get siloed from one another due to the lack of free-flowing information. Data from jobs and assets should work harmoniously, providing departments with shared visibility.

FieldFX- One Streamlined System

As demand is slowly increasing, oil and gas companies have shifted their mindset from “growth” to “cash flow” oriented. Doing more with less. This shift has been seen when it comes to field operations management as well. Field operations management systems require an end-to-end, field-first approach. A robust software solution like FieldFX is uniting field operations and enterprise asset management into a single solution.

FieldFX modules FX E-Ticketing and FX EAM join forces to provide users with an out-of-the-box integrated system of powerful field operations and enterprise asset management in one easy-to-use platform. When used simultaneously, data is shared harmoniously across an organization. The FX E-Ticketing module takes the data from completed field tickets and jobs and leverages it for strategic asset management in FX EAM. The FX EAM module provides process and intelligence that enhances physical asset management. It allows for systematic, preventative and predictive maintenance, increased equipment reliability, and efficient regulatory compliance.

The data between these two modules flows seamlessly. The information about the job, such as mileage driven, is collected in FX E-Ticketing and can trigger maintenance within FX EAM when the set threshold is met. Now the maintenance manager can assign the work order to a mechanic with a click of a button in the same system. In addition, the field relies on the maintenance team to prioritize maintenance based on the job scheduled so that assets are available and in good condition. Visibility of information by both groups is used by the other to plan and prioritize.

A great example of a company that experienced the benefits from FX E-Ticketing and FX EAM is Stallion Oilfield Services. A leading provider of services to upstream, midstream, and industrial services enterprises, Stallion uses FX E-ticketing and FX EAM to manage their field personnel and assets successfully. “FieldFX gave us the ability to have our ticketing and bill-to information on one location. This way, we can not only track the fee to the bill-to location, but we can understand where the assets may reside in the field,” said Jason Lu, Chief Information Office at Stallion Oilfield Services.

Unlock Efficiency and Productivity

FieldFX has the domain expertise to understand the complex needs of service providers in the energy industry. Industry-specific requirements are built-in FieldFX out of the box, providing customers with an integrated solution built for their specific industry, allowing for a faster realization of value.

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