How Oil and Gas Industry is Implementing Change Management Strategies- Supply & Demand Chain Executive

by | Oct 7, 2021

In a recent article in Supply & Demand Executive, Travis Parigi, Founder, and CEO of LiquidFrameworks, shared his views on how many oil and gas companies are planning to shift to digital field operations management systems and how to bring about this change.


Implementing software is just one piece of digitally transforming your company. A critical aspect of digital transformation is having your employees evolve alongside the company. Parigi stated, “It’s up to the top-level executives to ensure that everyone in their labor force understands the reasons and the benefits of changing operations. Once everyone is in sync with change management procedures, it leads to fewer errors and a more productive working environment. Put simply, engaging employees builds a rapport that helps them understand and trust the change management process.”


To learn more about why an effective change management strategy is crucial while implementing digital field operations management systems, click here to read the article.