How Stallion Optimized Their Operations With FieldFX’s Enterprise Asset Management System

by | Nov 10, 2020

During ConnectFX Conversations 2020, we had a fascinating chat with Jason Lu, CIO at Stallion Oilfield Services. Jason shared how FieldFX helped their company cut outages and improved their customer experience. Jason also shared how Stallion leveraged the Enterprise Asset Management system (FX EAM) to greatly enhance integration. Let’s dive deeper into how FX EAM module powerfully simplify and streamline field operations.

The Struggle of Disparate Processes

Stallion Oilfield Services operates out of Houston, Texas as an energy service company, providing upstream, midstream, and industrial services to various enterprises in the oil and gas production and exploration industry. The company also offers services to refiners, pipeline companies, and drilling contractors.

Stallion’s operations cover about 40 yards across the United States. Because of that, they found themselves running disparate processes across their yards. Each one had their own systems, manual processes, and efficiencies. Moreover, the enterprise had been operating a bunch of legacy systems that are not as effective as they’d like them to be. Combined with a “we do things different around here” mindset for every yard, and it was an efficiency nightmare. They knew standardization was the way to go to improve things. 

“I wouldn’t say there was anything truly broken, but we lacked efficiency,” Jason Lu said. “We had multiple legacy systems that were integrated, but not integrated well.”

Stallion wanted four things:

  • Be more efficient in their operations across different yards.
  • Provide better service and experience to their customers. 
  • Streamline their quote-to-cash process; and, 
  • Reduce business costs. 

The Search for a Solution

“We didn’t want an out-of-the-box solution that we couldn’t customize for our business,” said Jason. “At the same time, we didn’t want to build from scratch. FieldFX was the perfect middle ground.”

Stallion, in their search for a solution that fits their criteria, assessed every option and diligently evaluated about half-a-dozen platforms. FieldFX, they realized, had a reputation for understanding the nuances of the oilfield industry. LiquidFrameworks’ field operation management platform also does not degrade internal processes or customer experience during implementation.

“What made FieldFX different was the fact that we could actually have a system that really met the needs of our business,” Jason said, “not just systematically, but in terms of providing the customization and flexibility required to make changes on the fly and adapt to changing business needs and changing customer requirements.”

99.9% Uptime with FX EAM & Accusite

“Stallion is also known as one of the largest providers of conductivity and smart solutions for the oilfield,” Jason said during the interview. These smart solutions are a central feature of their current growth. Connectivity devices have truly taken flight among the new products they’ve released online.

“We are leveraging the FX EAM platform with our AccuSite product,” Jason explained.

AccuSite is an analytics platform that provides Stallion and their customers with a comprehensive view of all their connected devices in the field.  “So if, say, we have a natural gas generator running, we know exactly what device is running and whether it is in need of service or an overhaul,” said Jason.  

The result of this connectivity? 99.9% uptime on the majority of their devices. 

The AccuSite analytics platform allows Stallion customers to observe this connectivity. With the FX Enterprise Asset Management module, they’ve acquired an extensibility that can accommodate unique nuances of working in the field. This empowers them to respond to the specific needs of specific customers.

The Power of FX Enterprise Asset Management

One of the problems that plague field workers is the lack of access to information. “As you get out to a drilling location, sometimes you realize that there’s just not enough space on the pad to put out all the equipment, especially for completion work,” Jason explained.

However, with the integration of FX EAM, Stallion has said goodbye to this concern. 

“FieldFX gave us the ability to actually have our ticketing and bill-to information on one location. This way, we can not only track the fee to the bill to location, but we can actually understand where the assets may actually reside in the field,” Jason said. 

“From an FX EAM perspective, we know exactly where that asset is today. We know how many hours it’s on, or if it’s currently running real-time.”

Overall, Stallion is benefiting from the suite of the benefits that FX EAM offers:

  • Maximum equipment utilization
  • Minimal downtime
  • Improved reliability 
  • Extended asset life
  • Lower asset maintenance costs
  • Enhanced allocation inventory
  • Ability to easily measure asset performance
  • Increased personnel and equipment use safety

“With FX EAM, there’s always the need to just understand basic work: where your assets are, their condition, and when they need service. But that really needs to be married well with the way that assets are used in the field,” Jason says. FX EAM gives Stallion all of this. 

Learn more about how Stallion Oilfield Services benefited from their FieldFX integration. Watch Jason Lu’s ConnectFX Conversations 2020 interview here, or download the case study.