A Look Inside 2021: Outlook and Predictions for the Oil and Gas Industry-Oilman Magazine

by | Feb 5, 2021

Travis Parigi, CEO, and Founder of LiquidFrameworks was featured in Oilman Magazine. Travis discussed the trends and his predictions for 2021. 2020 was a very tumultuous year. Many oil and gas companies across the industry had to shift to new remote working protocols. As the economy is gradually improving, the long term repercussions of the pandemic are still being felt.

In the article, Travis stated, “Businesses have had to take operations online practically overnight. We will start to see companies embrace digital processes more in the upcoming year as a long-term operational adjustment rather than a short-term solution. In doing so, these companies will start to be more nimble, agile and responsive with the tools they are using and how they are conducting operations.”

Many companies may be tempted to stick to manual processes, but they’ll be fighting an uphill battle. Travis stated, “As companies have gone through a digital shift in 2020 to keep operations alive, this has created a jump start for organizations to adopt a true digital transformation for the long run.” The new normal is here. Companies that have invested in digitizing manual processes are positioning themselves to be more adaptable, more agile, and more competitive to achieve long term success. 

To learn more about Travis’ predictions, check out the article.