Our Diverse Team: Terin Matlock

by | Jul 21, 2020

We have all heard the expression, “a company is only as good as its people.” Many business leaders agree with this statement and say that their people are their most valuable assets. At LiquidFrameworks, we recognize that an individual behind the scenes can make a great impact on our customers and in our company overall. Each person at LiquidFrameworks is committed and working hard to provide a great product and experience for our customers. Learn more about LiquidFrameworks by taking a closer look behind the scenes to our diverse team.

Name:  Terin Matlock

Hometown: Houston

Job Title: Sr. Business Analyst

What do you do at LiquidFramework? At LiquidFrameworks, I am responsible for identifying market needs and capturing requirements for new features that will be added to the Field FX application.

What attracted you about working at LiquidFrameworks? In short, the people and the culture.  Out of college, I went to work for a larger consulting firm.  While there, I gained a host of knowledge as an analyst, but I never felt a sense of family and the idea of being able to talk to the company’s CEO or CFO was nonexistent.  Since moving to LFW, I not only get to experience a practical approach to leadership, but I can own the growth of my career and I know that I have a supportive network to do so. 

How long have you worked at LiquidFrameworks? Nearly 1.5 years

What makes LiquidFramework a great place to work? I have leadership and teammates who understand what balance means.  We understand what it means to work hard but we also understand what carving out time for family means.

A quote or mantra you live by: Know Your Worth and State Your Purpose

Three words that best describe LiquidFrameworks: Industry Forward, Fun, People Oriented

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? I enjoy working with customers and understanding their issues.  I can then take those issues back to our team and work to create solutions which answer their need. That is fulfilling.

What do you think is the most important attribute or skill that has helped you to be where you are today? I am a hard worker and what I do not understand or what I have not yet mastered, I continue to work and learn until I do. Since I believe that all of my work is a representation of me, I try to make sure that it is stellar and spot-on so that when someone reads it they know that effort and understanding supported the work product.

What is one unique thing about you that people would be surprised if they knew? I am an avid barrel racer.  I raced a lot more when I was younger and now, I just do it in my spare time.  I am also a calligraphy beginner.  I hope to one day become really proficient at calligraphy!

Three words that best describe you: Hardworking, team player, avid learner