New Year, New Goals

by | Jan 10, 2018

As another year begins, many people stop to self-evaluate. Am I making good choices? How can I be more organized? How can I save more and spend less? These types of questions can be asked about your business as well.

Are we making profitable decisions?

How can we streamline our business processes and make them more efficient?

How can we achieve maximum profitability and grow our business?

In our personal lives, we may turn to tools such as the treadmill to reach our goals. For business purposes, automation tools such as FieldFX can help achieve the desired results. FieldFX® is a mobile field operations application, which is the de facto standardfor service companies in the energy industry. FieldFX can help your organization streamline processes between operations, field personnel, and accounting in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Reduction in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by collapsing the time from when a job is completed to when an organized and accurate invoice is sent to the customer
  • Elimination of Revenue Leakage by ensuring efficiency that field tickets capture ALL potential revenue without omitting or mis-pricing ticket line items
  • Increase in Cash Flow by invoicing daily (when the jobs are completed) instead of monthly
  • Enhanced Team Productivity by leveraging a seamlessly integrated “quote to cash” application designed specifically for the energy industry
  • Improvement in Customer Satisfaction by allowing the Operators to lower their internal supply chain costs associated with managing paper tickets