Managing COVID-19 Safety Screening Forms Digitally is Crucial

by | Apr 16, 2021

The spread of COVID-19 has forced companies to quickly adapt to changing industry safety protocols to make sure they are compliant and, most importantly, keeping field workers healthy. As a result, COVID-19 safety screening forms have become a way for companies to keep track of their employees’ safety and health. These are usually paper forms that field workers have to fill out before the job. It asks basic questions such as if they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing any symptoms. 

As more people in the United States are starting to get vaccinated and resume in-person activities, the demand for oil is increasing. With the increase in demand, companies have more people returning to work. Now more than ever, companies must be diligent about following health and safety guidelines to ensure people returning to work are not risking exposure.  

Drowning in Paper COVID-19 Health Screening Forms

With the influx of people returning to work, managing and tracking COVID-19 health screening forms on paper presents quite the challenge. Since each worker needs to fill out this form daily for the job duration, the number of paper forms can easily be overwhelming.

Case in point: On average, if there are ten crew members on a seven-day job, each of them has to fill out one health screening form daily. That’s 70 paper forms for just one job! This practice can quickly multiply- creating stacks and stacks of paper forms.  

Managing that much paper is tedious. The screening results should be easily accessible and actionable to slow down the spread of COVID-19. As more people return to work, the scalability of managing COVID-19 health screening forms on paper is daunting.

Digitizing the Process

How can companies effectively handle COVID-19 health screening forms amidst a global pandemic and ongoing changing business climate? It all starts with getting rid of the paper forms. Implementing a digital process to collect this information will make companies efficient and keep their employees safe and healthy. Without the right tools, most oil and gas companies will find it very difficult to manage the safety protocol as the number of employees increases. 

FX DataGuide to the Rescue 

Managing COVID-19 health-screening forms is made easy with FX DataGuide. Digitizing these forms with FX DataGuide, allows companies to automate processes and data entry. Unlike paper, FX DataGuide is scalable, allowing you to maintain all the safety protocols no matter the workforce’s size. 

Data collected in FX DataGuide is reportable and actionable. If an employee tests positive for  COVID-19, time is of the essence. FX DataGuide empowers companies with the knowledge to respond fast to make sure the appropriate field workers and job sites are incident-free. If needed, automatic emails can be sent out to notify departments or individuals in case of exposure at a moment’s notice. Contact tracing is also made simple. Companies can efficiently report on safety forms to minimize the spread. Real-time access to data makes sure companies are meeting compliance requirements set by their customers.

To learn more about FX DataGuide, check out our recent webinar Enhanced Job Site Safety Through Digital Processes.