LiquidFrameworks’ Keynote Promo

by | Sep 16, 2020

LiquidFrameworks is at the forefront of innovating and revolutionizing field service operations with FieldFX. In these times, companies are looking for ways to capture unbilled revenue, get control over pricing, and streamline their field operations.

Travis Parigi, LiquidFrameworks’ founder and CEO, will be sharing all the exciting updates about the FieldFX roadmap next week in his keynote presentation on ConnectFX Conversations.

You will get a first-look at Shift Scheduling, the newest enhancement to the FX Schedule and Dispatch module so customers can easily manage shifts, rotations and job compliance. The updated Lighting Library consistents of large components to configure a large number of business requirements to fit your needs. FX EAM has been significantly enhanced as well. You will also get a preview of IgniteFX, our new E-learning module, that will further enrich the user’s knowledge of FieldFX.

To get more details on these updates and future roadmap information check out next week on ConnectFX Conversations. 

Check out the promo video to learn more about the session.