LiquidFrameworks Announces New FX Trucking Module

by | Jun 21, 2021

LiquidFrameworks announced today that it has developed a new module for the FieldFX product suite, FX Trucking. The FX Trucking module is a fit-for-purpose, segment-specific application that provides a seamless experience for the dispatcher.

LiquidFrameworks’ Senior Director of Product Strategy, Matt Danna, says this of the new module, “FX Trucking was created in direct response to the needs of our customers. Service companies with large fleets need a streamlined process for ticket and route creation, driver and truck assignment, and scheduling and dispatching. FX Trucking allows the dispatcher to have access to everything they need from one screen.”

Everything is now at the fingertips of the dispatcher. When creating a route, from the home screen, the dispatcher has access to:

  • Customer Selection
  • Date of Requested Service
  • Origin and Destination
  • Billing Information- Job and Ticket Types
  • Access to Existing Jobs and the Ability to Create New Jobs

Additional features include:

  • Create parent regions with multiple locations within the region
  • Trucks can be defaulted to a driver
  • View all routes by customers, destination, origin and drivers
  • Route reporting from the main dispatching screen
  • Geofencing feature provides proof of delivery
  • Ability to assign multiple drivers to a route, the first to accept is dispatched

To see FX Trucking in action, register for our upcoming webinar.