ConnectFX Conversations Keynote: Tommy Inglesby, Managing Director, Accenture

by | Oct 12, 2020

ConnectFX Conversations Keynote video with Tommy Inglesby, Managing Director at Accenture just went live!

At Accenture, Tommy leads the portfolio of Upstream Independents and LNG. He has 20 years of experience leading transformation in energy companies in senior leadership roles in the industry. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge about oil and gas.

Travis and Tommy talk about all things oil and gas including the current industry trends, technology and digital strategies. This year has been an unprecedented year for many industries including oil and gas. Tommy goes into detail about the changes he sees taking place as companies navigate these challenging times by taking this as an opportunity to shift their strategies.

This conversation provides great insight into the ever-evolving oil and gas industry.  Click here to check out the video.