How to Prevent Operational Knowledge Loss

by | Jul 9, 2021

With the economy rebounding in 2021, service companies are starting to hire again. What is their number one challenge? To hire good employees and train them to excel at their jobs. One reality that everyone has learned is that when staffing reductions occur, there is also a loss of knowledge and experience. In many instances, the previous employees held knowledge that was important for operations. It can be challenging to train new hires on procedures when that knowledge has been lost. 

Digitizing information on processes and procedures is crucial, especially when employees are more transient than ever. Often you will hear an employee labeled as a “single point of failure.”  When this employee leaves, critical information about his or her job, systems, and equipment also leaves because it is not stored in a system.

The solution is to have systems in place to store, record, and update information as it develops and changes. Having old and new data documented allows you to be better prepared for the unknown. Solutions like FX EAM do exactly that.

So, what makes FX EAM different? Not only does FieldFX hold data entered into the system, but it can connect with other systems, including your ELD/GPS systems, IoT, ticketing data, form data and anything else that can connect through open API. Once that data is in our system, everything is reportable. Meaning you can create reports on maintenance spend, inventory usage, equipment margin and utilization.  You can leverage data on the total cost of ownership, plan for purchases and appropriately forecast and budget. 

FX EAM is a complete asset management solution from procurement of assets and equipment, to tracking utilization in the field, through maintenance and inspection, and decommissioning and replacing assets. 

FX EAM also includes:

  • Calendar, Meter or Event-Based Preventative Maintenance, 
  • Work Order Management Online and Offline
  • Inventory Management

FX EAM will allow you to automate and digitalize processes enabling your team to spend more time on their jobs and less time on administrative tasks. Click here to learn more.