How to Become Your Customer’s Vendor of Choice

by | Apr 27, 2021

Customer loyalty is something all companies should aspire to achieve. Gaining the loyalty of your customer allows you to win repeat business year after year.  

Customer loyalty fosters a strong sense of trust between your company and customers. Loyal customers choose to return to the same vendors because the value they’re getting out of the relationship outweighs the potential benefit of choosing another vendor.

But how do you do it? How do you turn satisfied customers into loyal customers? We believe one way customer loyalty can be achieved is by providing your customer with real-time data. Companies want vendors that have strong data management systems in place. Vendors that can provide their customers with insightful data are sure to gain and retain their customer’s loyalty.  ​

Data volume in the energy industry is growing rapidly, and efficiently handling a large amount of data is becoming very important. Your customer needs metrics, KPI and essential job information to get a full picture of their business. Having this information accessible in an easy-to-use fashion goes a long way, makes their job easier and shows that you are a vendor that understands their needs. 

FX Customer Self-Service (FX CSS) was created to do just that. FX CSS enhances FieldFX users’ relationships with their customers and partners by empowering your customers to access their job and ticket data through FieldFX securely. FieldFX users can offer their customers a place to: 

  • Place and Review Tickets 
  • Approve Tickets 
  • Add Comments 
  • Monitor Job Progress 
  • View Reports and Dashboards Related to Job Progress and KPIs 
  • View Safety Records 

Many of our customers have applied FX CSS as a differentiator against their competitors. By providing detailed, accurate and on-demand information to their customers, they have increased transparency, improved customer loyalty and leveraged their customers’ value to expand revenue opportunities. 

To learn more about how FX CSS can help your company, check out our whitepaper Stop Having to Re-Win Business by Getting Closer to Your Customer​.