How Pioneer Energy Services Leveraged FieldFX to Success

by | Jan 27, 2021

Download the full case study on how FieldFX transformed Pioneer Energy Services.

Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Pioneer Energy Services provides land contract drilling services and production services to independent and major oil and gas exploration and production companies. They have several physical district locations possessing over 100 well servicing rigs and over 90 wireline units.

Pioneer was accustomed to doing all their work by hand on paper. This caused processes to drag on creating many costly inefficiencies. Ron Reyes, IT Project Manager, recalls the days before FieldFX, “we have 17 physical districts, and each district had cabinet after cabinet full of tickets. Those tickets got copied in as well, so the central location also had tickets. We had a paper mess, basically.”

Pioneer longed for a solution that understood their industry and its needs. Pioneer wanted to automate their entire process from quote creation, managing tickets, invoicing for services rendered, and everything in between. Pioneer also lacked business analytics to help them make more strategic decisions in order for them to maximize profits while keeping costs low. They also want analytics to provide their customer with the best experience possible. 

Pioneer found FieldFX and it was everything they were looking for. Pioneer implemented FieldFX in 2015 to transform internal systems and processes.

“Information that used to take months to collect now takes weeks or even days. We’ve been able to align, move resources and get to jobs and regions that are profitable [with FieldFX],” said Bill Schneider, VP of IT.

At LiquidFrameworks, we take pride in knowing our solution has made a significant impact on the way our customers operate their business. Today, Pioneer’s improved internal processes has empowered them to meet customer needs more efficiently, maximizing revenue, and setting them up for future success.

To learn more on how Pioneer leveraged FieldFX for success, read the full case study.