How FX Timecards Streamlines Shawcor’s Payroll Process

by | Sep 8, 2020

Since the 1930s, Shawcor Inspection Services has been providing non-destructive testing, inspection and data management services in over twenty countries around the world. In 2015, Shawcor was growing tired of the inefficient way they were managing paper tickets and timesheets. So, they turned to FieldFX with hopes to eliminate paper processes.

Today, Shawcor has hundreds of FX E-Ticketing and FX Timecards users. With FieldFX, Shawcor was able to digitize their paper tickets and timecards in one easy to use system. Shawcor was delighted with FieldFX’s ability to seamlessly have information flow from FX E-Ticketing into FX Timecards.

Prior to FieldFX, Shawcor admins were spending 6-8 hours a week on payroll reconciliations to make sure payroll, timecards and tickets all matched up. Now reconciliation is easy since everything is done electronically within FieldFX.

Kaycee Wheeler, Business Operations Lead shared, “[We are now] able to pull reports and see all billable and nonbillable time to make sure timecards match up with the actual tickets.”

FieldFX has helped Shawcor eliminate their tedious paper processes while increasing efficiency.

Wheeler has great things to say about FieldFX’s impact. “Overall it has been a tremendous help having everything digitalized with the payroll, tickets, and timecard app. It has been wonderful since we started working with FieldFX and LiquidFrameworks,” he said.

To learn more about how Shawcor has increased their efficiency with FieldFX, watch our recent webinar.