How FieldFX Liberated CEDA from Overpriced and Inefficient Legacy Software

by | Mar 26, 2020

To get the full lowdown on how CEDA leveraged FieldFX’s capabilities to great success, download our case study here.

At LiquidFrameworks, our number one goal is to provide industrial service companies with operations management solutions that help them operate better in the field and spend less. Every time we successfully address a client’s needs and witness their delight at how much FieldFX has helped them, we are over the moon. Enter CEDA.

CEDA is an industrial and environmental services provider. Founded in Alberta, Canada in 1973, they service a wide range of industries: oil and gas, pipeline, power, pulp and paper, chemical, mining, municipal, steel and more. Out in the field, CEDA offers everything from chemical cleaning and tank maintenance to dredging and fluid management.

But a few years ago, CEDA had a problem with their clunky, inefficient legacy software. It was old and slow. It took them multiple clicks to perform simple tasks, was costly to update, and customer service was slow. 

“With our legacy software, there had been no innovation from our provider in years,” said Harminder Bhavra, Manager of Enterprise Transformation at CEDA. “While other field ticketing solutions were constantly upgrading their platforms, we were still using the same product that we had three years ago. We were overspending for poor digital functionality.” 

In short, they needed something a lot better. That’s where FieldFX came in. 

To learn more about how CEDA leveraged FieldFX’s capabilities to great success, download the case study here.