How FieldFX E-Ticketing Reduced DSO at EnviroVac by Over 50%

by | Apr 14, 2020

Get the full story on how FieldFX reduced DSO at EnviroVac by over 50% by downloading the case study here.

FieldFX users love our E-Ticketing Module. It streamlines a company’s entire ticketing process, from operations to field personnel to invoicing. EnviroVac has seen incredible results by effectively leveraging e-ticketing to their advantage.

EnviroVac is an industrial cleaning company based in Savannah, Georgia. EnviroVac provides industrial cleaning, environmental services, and on-site maintenance support programs to customers such as Procter & Gamble, BP Amaco, and Georgia Power. 

But until December of 2014, EnviroVac suffered from chronically high DSO (day sales outstanding). They had a tough time keeping track of the thousands of paper tickets generated throughout every job. They were inefficiently scheduling people and equipment, and revenue was leaking through the gaps in their process.

And so EnviroVac decided to solve this problem once and for all by implementing FieldFX. Suffice to say that “The Clean Company” has cleaned up nicely, reducing their DSO by a massive 50%+.

Find out how EnviroVac achieved this incredible result with our downloadable case study here.