How FieldFX and Data Gumbo Digitally Transformed Nuverra

by | Jul 7, 2020

To get the full story on how FieldFX and Data Gumbo helped Nuverra leave paper behind and supercharge efficiency, download the case study

Nuverra Environmental Solutions is a leading provider of water logistics and oilfield services. Nuverra manages the removal, transportation, and disposal of fluids, hydrocarbons, and restricted solids for exploration and production companies operating across the United States.

Having no real standardization across all of their different offices was causing many inefficiencies.  But Nuverra’s biggest challenge was the stacks and stacks of paper tickets that were taking over each of their offices. Before, all paper tickets were handwritten and manually approved slowing down many processes

Nuverra knew the only way to mitigate this problem was to digitally transform their business.

FieldFX and Data Gumbo were commissioned for this task. FieldFX, in conjunction with Data Gumbo’s blockchain networks, enabled Nuverra to achieve the digital transformation they were looking for.

Nuverra offices are no longer overwhelmed with stacks of paper tickets. With the help of FieldFX and Data Gumbo, Nuverra was able to auto-approve 90% of their tickets and reduce their days sales outstanding (DSO) significantly.

To get the full story on how Nuverra leveraged FieldFX and Data Gumbo to achieve great success, download the case study