Greg Tipton in Profile Magazine featuring FieldFX

by | Feb 19, 2021

Check out the recent article to learn more about Nuverra’s digital transformation journey featuring FieldFX.

Profile Magazine did a profile on Greg Tipton, Nuverra Environmental Solutions’ Chief Information Officer. Greg went into detail about how Nuverra was able to use software, like FieldFX, to ensure the company is transparent with its customers.

Nuverra is a leading provider of water logistics and oilfield services to clients specializing in oil or natural gas production to shale formations across the United States. When Greg joined Nuverra in 2013, it was dependent on paper processes. Greg knew Nuverra needed to move away from paper in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. He turned to FieldFX to digitize Nuverra’s paper process.

Greg said this about FieldFX, “We chose FieldFX because it sat on the Salesforce platform, and it removed much of the paper out of our process. Being able to do this gives us a huge advantage. Some of our competition has already done this, but many of the smaller companies have not. Because they haven’t moved to a paperless process, they have to throw people at what their customers are asking them to do.” With the help of FieldFX, Nuverra was able to stay competitive in the market. They were also able to get 90% of tickets auto-approved which significantly reduced days sales outstanding.

Click here to check out the Profile Magazine article to learn more about how Nuverra leveraged FieldFX to digitally transform their business.