by | Aug 25, 2020

LiquidFrameworks, the leader in quote-to-cash processes, with its FieldFX solution, has partnered with B2BE to help customers complete the field tickets’ final step in its DSO-reducing lifecycle: billing the end customer.

Industry-leading FieldFX ensures the four-way-match, which means consistency between the customer’s price book, quote, ticket, and invoice. But now, thanks to B2BE through, its “Field to Invoice™ (FTI)” native plug-in developed for FieldFX, the final, customer-specific invoice (with supporting documents) are sent instantly and automatically to the end customer.

Taking this traditionally manual or semi-manual step in the delivery of an invoice to a fully automated, digital level has many positive benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing invoicing time to ZERO days
  • Reducing DSO
  • Reducing/reallocating Full-time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Reducing/eliminating human error
  • Reducing waste and promoting a greener approach to invoicing
  • Scalable – Meet the demands of growth
  • Confidence in a cloud-based security model

Most of the large oil and gas industry operators have adopted a greener, more sustainable, and scalable method of receiving a digital invoice from service providers. Delivery points include e-marketplaces such as OpenInvoice, Ariba, and Cortex to name a few. Sending PDF email invoices to smaller volume customers is also commonplace.

If customers are asking for a more digital invoicing experience, the combination of the “FTI” plug-in with FieldFX is just the solution needed to efficiently complete the quote-to-cash commercial cycle and achieve zero days-to-invoice! Depending on invoice volumes, the business cases can be notably compelling.