FX Timecards: The Single Source of Truth for Payable Time

by | Jul 17, 2020

To learn how FX Timecards can help companies manage their payable time efficiently, download the FX Timecards E-Book.

The end of a pay period can be very hectic for many energy service providers. The technician’s timesheet and the supervisor’s field ticket both need to have the same payable hours in order for payroll to be processed. The accuracy of this process is crucial for any business. However, many organizations still do this process manually on paper creating many errors.

Every pay cycle, billing admins have to manually go through each field technician’s paper timesheets and reconcile those against the supervisor’s field tickets. This process can be highly taxing and cumbersome, taking hours to sort through and mitigate.

With the FieldFX Timecards module, this process is made hassle-free and efficient. On the FX Timecards native application, technicians can easily input, track and manage all their payable time using a smartphone. No more paper timesheets; everything is done digitally.

All billable time can automatically be funneled from a field ticket to a timesheet which can significantly streamline processes. With FX Timecards’ analytic capabilities, billing admins can easily run reports to make sure all payable time matches timesheets and field tickets. FieldFX can also be integrated with the company’s payroll system, making the process seamless while ensuring accuracy.

With FieldFX, companies can trade in their manual paper processes for a streamlined digital solution that is the single source of truth for all employee payable time.

To learn how FX Timecards module can help organization digitize and streamline processes to ensure a more accurate management of payable time, download the FX Timecards E-Book.