FX EAM: The Solution Built for Every Role

by | Sep 1, 2020

Enterprise asset management is a holistic approach to managing the entire lifecycle of assets and equipment. EAM is about maximizing asset utilization through optimized asset care until the asset is decommissioned and replaced.

Organizations are complex and each role plays a vital part in a company’s process. With that in mind, LiquidFrameworks tailored FieldFX’s FX EAM to empower each individual and department with the tools to gain efficiency and increase productivity. With FX EAM, companies are able to collect data from on and off the field, trigger preventative maintenance, complete work orders online or offline and manage inventory with ease. FX EAM maximizes asset efficiency, significantly impacting an organization’s profitability and bottom line.

Assets have long and complex lives and pass through many pairs of hands. FX EAM makes constant communication and collaboration throughout the organization and across multiple roles and departments seamless. Individuals now have the ability to get information or data that is crucial for their role in one easy-to-use system. Dashboards and reports can be created to ensure relevant analytics are readily available, for every role, to make actionable strategic decisions.

FX EAM is tailored with the end-user in mind. Click here or on the infographic to see how FX EAM can be leveraged to provide efficiency for every role.