From Paper to Digital Efficiency: How FieldFX Supercharged Operations for Liberty Lift

by | Apr 7, 2020

Download the full case study on how FieldFX supercharged operations at Liberty Lift.

We love nothing more than making our customers happy. When we see our FieldFX software empowering a company to boost efficiency and cut costs, it makes our day. Case in point: Liberty Lift.

Liberty Lift is an artificial lift sales and service company with several product lines: beam pumping units, long-stroke pumping units, gas lift, jet pump, sucker rods, and more. They perform service work on all brands and types of artificial lift.

But until a couple of years ago, Liberty Lift had an unhealthy reliance on paper. All field tickets, JSAs, unit/vehicle inspections, and permits were on paper. As David Snow, the company’s IT Director, said, “Everything was paper, paper, paper. It was like the 1980s.”

They had to deal with poor handwriting, incorrect billing statements, and lost tickets. And lost tickets = lost revenue.

“If you’ve ever found a duplicate ticket under the seat of a truck, on a field cruise, months after the work was done – well, you know how frustrating that can be!” said David.

But FieldFX rescued Liberty Lift from its chronic revenue leakage. Today, FieldFX has freed the company from the tyranny of paper and transformed them into an efficient and streamlined operation that always gets paid correctly for their work.

Read the full story and discover the full power of digital efficiency by downloading the case study.