Forging Stronger Chains- Engineering & Mining Journal

by | Oct 19, 2021

Travis Parigi, Founder, and CEO of LiquidFrameworks, was featured in a recent article in Engineering & Mining Journal. Parigi shared his views on the benefits a mining company could leverage from a field service management system.

Parigi shared the telltale signs your company may be in dire need of a field service management system, “losing field documentation or delaying the collection of field documentation that negatively impacts the company’s financial health is another indicator. A lack of visibility into centralized, accurate, and timely data for the purpose of business intelligence reporting, which makes for more difficult decision-making, is also another sign.”

With the help of a system like FieldFX, companies can streamline their processes and reduce their paper dependencies, making an everlasting financial and operational impact. Having everything on paper makes it challenging to have historical and centralized data to project and prepare for the future. Going digital can help mining companies gain insightful, actionable data to make strategic business decisions on the fly with accurate real-time data. 

To learn more about how the mining industry can benefit from a field service management system like FieldFX, click here to read the article or schedule a demo.