FieldFX vs Legacy Software: A Comparison from CEDA

by | Apr 21, 2020

CEDA is one of the leading providers of industrial and environmental services. They turned to LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX platform to solve lingering problems with their legacy software. The shift to FieldFX proved to be a lifesaver, allowing them to take on tasks more efficiently, and grow their business exponentially.

The differences between CEDA’s legacy software solution and FieldFX are stark:

“FieldFX helped us recapture and eliminate revenue leakage, accelerate cash collection, reduce our DSOs, and automate our quote-to-cash process,” said Harminder Bhavra, Manager of Enterprise Transformation at CEDA

“FieldFX is a brilliant piece of software. It is the ideal solution to meet our business needs not only now but in the future.”

To learn more about how CEDA leveraged FieldFX’s capabilities to great success, download the case study here.