FieldFX Rescues Nuverra From A Paper Nightmare

by | Aug 11, 2020

FieldFX helps oilfield service providers effectively manage their field service operations. FieldFX empowers companies by digitizing processes that were traditionally done by pen and paper. The result: a reduction in DSO, decreased revenue leakage and overall enterprise efficiency.

Nuverra Environmental Solutions is a great example of the level of efficiency FieldFX can provide companies.

Nuverra is an oilfield logistics and equipment company focusing on water transport, transfer and disposal. Nuverra operates all across the United States including the Northeast, the Rocky Mountains, and the Southern US basins.

The biggest challenge Nuverra was facing were the inefficiencies that were caused by stacks of paper tickets.

Chief Information Officer, Greg Tipton said, “Have you ever walked into a field office and the first thing you see are stacks of papers, everywhere? And each stack represents something different. One is recently received tickets, one is waiting to be signed, scanned, or inputted. Another stack is completed tickets, which need to go somewhere else. Many of these tickets aren’t even turned in yet, so you’re just chasing tickets. It’s a paper nightmare.”

The FX E-Ticketing module was implemented to rescue Nuverra from this paper nightmare. Nuverra and its customers can now access real-time records of any job at their fingertips. To learn more about the results Nuverra achieved by leveraging FieldFX, download the case study.