FieldFX Makes Nine Energy Service More Competitive. Here’s How.

by | May 7, 2021

Get the full story on how Nine Energy Service gained efficiency with FieldFX by downloading the case study here.

The oilfield services space is exceptionally competitive. With the recent mergers and acquisitions activity in the market, companies must keep operations lean and efficient to stay competitive. In the past, LiquidFrameworks customers have used FieldFX as an assimilation agent to standardize processes across companies, service lines, or even locations.  

A company that used FieldFX to standardize across many acquisitions is Nine Energy Service. 

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Nine Energy Service is an oilfield provider and on-shore completion and production services company. The company also offers well solutions, which includes cementing, stimulating, isolating and drilling. 

Ryan Loudermilk, Manager of Digital Business, stated, “Nine Energy Service was formed through a long history of M&A transactions, cobbling together a bunch of smaller companies, and being formally founded in 2013.”  

With M&A, the different companies that are coming together usually have their unique way of doing business- this was the case for Nine Energy Service. They were in dire need of standardization across the board. When it came to other business processes, Nine Energy Service was still filling out paper tickets, cramming data into Excel sheets, and manually building reports. They recognized these business processes were antiquated and unscalable in a highly competitive industry. 

Sean Barnes, VP of It and Human Resources, said, “We came to the realization that we would have to implement some sort of a system to streamline these processes and get control, get our arms around what was going on at the field level. Only by doing this could we make more informed decisions about our business.” 

So, they turned to FieldFX. After implementing FieldFX, Nine Energy Services was able to:

  1. Facilitate swift communication between all their locations and business units. 
  2. Integrate with NetSuite to allow master data to be synchronized
  3. Enhance their analytics reporting capabilities. 

Get the full story on how Nine Energy Service gained efficiency with FieldFX by downloading the case study here.