How FieldFX Reduced DSO at EnviroVac By Over 50%

by | May 6, 2020

Get the full story on how FieldFX reduced DSOs at EnviroVac by over 50% by downloading the case study here.

For over two decades, EnviroVac has been providing industrial cleaning and environmental services to companies across the US. But in late 2014, EnviroVac was growing tired of their high DSO, inefficient scheduling system, and mountains of paper tickets. And so they turned to LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX software, hoping for an end to their inefficiencies. 

Today, all of EnviroVac’s ticketing, quoting, and invoicing take place through FieldFX. 

And if any customer needs to see something, they can easily create fields within the system to display the information. EnviroVac is delighted with the real-time data that they can now offer their customers and the transparency created between the office and the field staff. 

Tyler Josey, EnviroVac’s IT Director, put it best:

“Without FieldFX, our DSOs would still be outrageous. Our invoice timing would be way slower than it is right now, and we’d still be chasing down billing items and payroll information weekly. We’ve been able to grow the business to a massive scale in a way that I don’t think we would have been able to without the help of FieldFX.”

So, how did FieldFX do it? Download our case study to find out.