FieldFX Enterprise Asset Management Drives Tech-Flo Efficiency and Growth

by | Nov 24, 2020

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Tech-Flo, a trusted brand in the flexible hydraulic lift systems and filtration equipment market, experienced firsthand how frustrating and costly manual ticketing systems can be. Inaccurate pricing, ineligible ticket entries, unsubmitted or lost tickets, and ridiculously high DSO rates were costing them time, money, and opportunities. On top of that, they’ve added into their rental fleet, highlighting not only their dire need for a ticket automation solution, but a complete enterprise asset management suite to streamline their processes, increase their efficiencies, and impact their growth.

Operating out in Conroe, Texas, Tech-Flo has been in the hydraulic lift systems and filtration equipment business since 2006. A reputable brand that offers a massive selection of industry-grade including HPumps, diaphragm pumps, and multiplex pumps, as well as expert services like jet pump power fluid injection, saltwater disposal, waterflood, and fluid transfer, Tech-Flo’s client base, is comprised of major oilfield players and heavy industry operators.

With FieldFX enterprise asset management software, Tech-Flo successfully addressed all their operational and administrative concerns. With every ticket and asset now centralized, Tech-Flo’s ticketing process is now fully automated plus they are treated to superior visibility into their inventory and assets. 


Manual Ticketing Practice: Slow, Costly, and Unacceptable

For a firm that caters largely to oil and heavy industries sectors, it’s a testament to Tech-Flo’s commitment to their clients that they survived for so long using manual ticketing practices. As other areas of their operations are fully optimized, it’s surprising to know that they have relied heavily on manual ticketing processes instead of investing in and utilizing ticket automation solutions.

“The biggest issue was that there were tickets not being turned in, or getting lost,” lamented Chad Musgrove, VP of Finance at Tech-Flo. “When employees couldn’t find them, we had to redo them, days or weeks later.”

The non-submission and loss of tickets were just a scratch on the surface. Because tickets were not integrated to Tech-Flo’s massive inventory list, the company had to deal with inaccurate and inconsistent pricing. This problem was magnified by ineligible entries made by their field personnel, resulting in total confusion in both customers and back office staff.

Moreover, delays in ticket returns, often late by weeks, created extremely high DSO rates for Tech-Flow. This problem impacted Tech-Flo’s revenue generation and adversely affected their bottom line.

Recent investment into their rental fleet also highlighted a need for an enterprise asset management suite on top of an automated ticketing software.

We had just invested a substantial amount into our rental fleet, costing around $150,000,” Musgrove emphasized. “We were putting multiple units out pretty quickly, so we needed a new way to manage and take care of these things, because they were such a big cost.”


FieldFX: A Step Forward

Tech-Flo initially tried FieldFX ticket automation product and found the solution to be what they needed. It was quick to implement, extremely cost-effective, and easily configurable to meet Tech-Flo’s industry requirements. The result was seamless ticket processing and significantly reduced DSOs.

The success prompted the Tech-Flo management to further explore FieldFX’s offerings and capabilities, especially now that they needed something robust and centralized to manage their fleet.

“We were and are primarily using FieldFX for field ticketing. However, we quickly saw the value in the system as a whole. We saw that there was plenty of opportunities to expand our application of FieldFX, especially with the EAM module.”

With the FieldFX EAM  module, Tech-Flo found it easy to manage their valuable fleet of trucks and further maximize their value. With all trucks enrolled into FieldFX EAM, Tech-Flo has a unified view of all their assets plus reportable data for each asset. With actionable insights into their trucks’ health and performance, Tech-Flo now implements an effective preventative maintenance (PM) schedule for the entire fleet.

“Our long-term goal with FieldFX is to have all functionality from quote to invoice on the FieldFX platform, and EAM is a crucial step in that process,” Musgrove added.

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