Environmental Service Companies Accelerate Cash Collections with FieldFX

by | Jul 28, 2020

Many environmental service companies have a large volume of tickets and inefficient manual processes. The combination of the two leaves them vulnerable for many potential errors.

Most environmental service companies heavily rely on paper, which can result in numerous inaccuracies. Many times, all billable items are not captured on the ticket. That inaccurate ticket is then turned into an incorrect invoice. The customer either has the option to refute the invoice or forgo the charges. This can result in either a delay in payment or revenue leakage.

At LiquidFrameworks, our number one goal is to provide our environmental service companies with a solution that helps them enhance operations by eliminating errors caused by paper processes. FieldFX is able to deliver just that with the four-way-match, which is an accurate quote, producing an accurate ticket, generating an accurate invoice- with the price book serving as the common foundation.

Traditionally with paper processes, it would take weeks for the customer to receive an accurate invoice, but with FieldFX, companies are able to provide an invoice the same day the job is completed, so they are able to get paid as soon as possible. The four-way-match ensures an accurate invoice is presented to the customer the first time around. No more refuting tickets or not being paid for services because they were left off the ticket.

With the elimination of error-prone and manual paper processes, companies are able to accelerate their cash collections.

To learn how FieldFX has majorly impacted the environmental service company, EnviroVac, download our case study How FieldFX E-Ticketing Reduced EnviroVac’s DSO by Over 50%.