ConnectFX Conversation Webinar: CEDA Shares Their Keys to a Successful FieldFX Implementation

by | Sep 30, 2020

Organizations now more than ever are looking for ways to increase profitability while reducing costs. Digital transformation is the key to achieving these goals. Implementing a company-wide software initiative, like FieldFX, can be a great way for an organization to improve and streamline processes. With enhanced processes, companies can benefit from improved cash collections and a decrease in revenue leakage.

FieldFX has helped many companies, such as CEDA, manage their field operations. Since 1973, CEDA has been a leading industrial and environmental services provider. However, they were aware of the inefficiencies and slowdowns their legacy system was causing in both their field operations and their administrative back office. In February of 2018, CEDA decided to swap their legacy software with FieldFX.

CEDA has successfully implemented at all of its fourteen different locations. Replacing manual paper processes with FieldFX resulted in reduced revenue leakage and increased invoice accuracy.

Harminder Bhavra, Enterprise Resource Manager, at CEDA recently shared their FieldFX story in a ConnectFX Conversations video- CEDA Shares Their Keys to A Successful FieldFX Implementation. Harminder shared, “having the ability to capture real-time data in the system and bring it back to the Back Office gives us the ability to invoice in hours instead of days has really helped us overall.” Be sure to check the video out.

Join us on October 2th at 1:00 CT for a webinar to learn more about how CEDA was able to leverage FieldFX to success. Harminder will be joining us to answer your questions about CEDA’s FieldFX project. Submit your question for Harminder Bhavra now at connectfx@liquidframeworks.comor live during the webinar.