CEDA Shares Their Keys To A Successful FieldFX Implementation

by | Sep 28, 2020

The wait is over! The ConnectFX Conversations video, CEDA Shares Their Keys To A Successful FieldFX Implementation, is now live on our website.

CEDA is an industrial and environmental services provider. Founded in Alberta, Canada in 1973, they service a wide range of industries: oil and gas, pipeline, power, pulp and paper, chemical, mining, municipal, steel and more.

A few years ago, CEDA grew tired of their inefficient legacy system and turned to FieldFX to streamline their operational processes with various FieldFX modules. Implementing a company-wide software initiative like FieldFX was a great way for CEDA to reduce revenue leakage and increase invoice accuracy.

Usually, organizations choose to go live in phases, but not CEDA. They took a “big bang” approach and had all of their fourteen locations go live at the same time! Watch the video to learn their keys to a successful FieldFX implementation – resulting in a faster path to FieldFX ROI.

Also be sure to join us on October 2th at 1:00 CT for a webinar where Harminder Bhavra, Enterprise Resource Manager, will be answering your questions about CEDA’s FieldFX project. Submit your question for Harminder now at connectfx@liquidframeworks.com or ask your question live during the webinar.